Add A Deployment Target

A “Deployment Target” is a computing resource that code, assets, or database can be deployed to. We currently only support linux servers that can accept an SSH connection and satisfy the deployment requirements.

When a new target is added to Cascade, connectivity via SSH will be established and our installer will verify requirements have been met and, assuming the machine is properly prepared, some libraries will be installed as needed via Ansible.

Note: The last stage of the process is called Install dependencies and it may take up to 10 minutes to complete. Please be patient and allow the operation to complete or fail on its own.


You will need to log into Cascade as a special kind of administrator to add Deployment targets. In order to check your permissions, please navigate to the Deployment Targets tab in the administration section of Cascade, you should see a display similar to below.

Deployment Targets Dashboard

Take note of the + icon above the list of deployment targets. If you do not see the + icon, your account does not have permission to add deployment targets.

Add A New Deployment Target

Gather System Information

You will need the following information about the machine you want to add:

  1. Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)
  2. Nickname (Title)
  3. IP Address & Port
  4. Remote User & (Password or Private Key) Note: You may need to place a support ticket for a new system user to be created on the deployment target and they support team will provide the appropriate public ssh key to connect.
  5. Escalation Method & (Escalation User & Password if needed)
    (To use the Cascade CLI tool you must select su as the escalation method.)

Add System to Cascade

  1. Navigate the Administration section -> Deployment Target tab
  2. Next to the Deployment Target heading is a + icon. Click on that icon to open the form to add a Deployment Target.
  3. Follow the prompts which includes the items above.
  4. When all verifications are successful, the modal will close.
  5. Confirm the machine is in the list.
  6. Once a machine has been added as a deployment target, any existing Environments will need to be updated to discover the new target.

Deployment Targets Form