Cascade manages and automates development workflows and allows for continuous application deployment. While developers focus on developing, Cascade deploys using a repeatable and automated deployment process, with optional configuration for advanced requirements or bespoke infrastructure supporting Drupal, WordPress, and other LAMP-based web applications.


Multi-project Architecture

Cascade keeps your installations separated using the project concept. Each project contains your application source code, fixed assets, and databases. Multiple projects can be hosted by a Cascade instance and each one is logically separated from the other through our configurable access control system and hosting systems. We have specialized project templates for the ever popular Drupal and Wordpress systems while maintaining generalized support for any other application stack.

Logical Environment Support

The Cascade system provides support for any number of hosting environments and logical deployment targets which are configurable on a per-project basis. Whether your project uses a monolithic single server or a whole cluster, you can deploy to each environment with a few button clicks! As a starting point, our default configuration provides for a development, staging, and production environment workflow.

Deployment Workflow Automation

Configuration of basic deployment actions between environments for your project are wired automatically so you can focus on building your application. If you have more advanced needs, Cascade offers options to customize the deployment experience with a system of deployment pipelines, scripting actions, and symbolic link management.

Technology Stack Independence

Free your project from the bounds of PaaS and commodity hosting! Our enterprise-grade hosting solutions do not limit your ability to use and support emerging technologies that expand your site’s reach and capabilities.

Single Sign-on Integration

Simplifying credential management, we provide a single login to access both the Cascade and GitLab environments. All of the tools in the Cascade suite requiring authentication work from a shared credential that you manage and control.

Software Project Hosting

Each project includes a fully-functional and integrated installation of GitLab community edition. This brings the most powerful open-source software management toolsets on the planet under your fingertips!

Continuous Delivery

The Cascade system ensures your project is deployed so you can focus on developing your product.Through our APIs we respond to commits in your repository with deploys in your hosting environments based on the branch or tag based workflow you specify.

User and Group Support

Cascade provides for project-level access control so you can be specific about what users are allowed to do. Users can be selected for access individually or based on defined groups. More information is available in the Access Control section.

Commitment to Open Source

We have an ongoing commitment to building Cascade with open source technologies! Under the hood we use keycloak, gitlab, ansible, mongo, apache, haproxy, and many other technologies to ensure you have a rock-solid system with licences that do not encumber your systems.