Cascade CLI is a new service available with Cascade 2.7.

Cascade CLI allows users to perform list, push and pull actions on databases or assets on a project.

Usage: cascade <command> [args]

  • cascade status (Display the current status of cascade sftp service)
  • cascade logout (Logout cascade cli user and clears config)
  • cascade list (Returns a list of assets or database snapshots)
  • cascade pull (Returns a file, directory or database snapshot)
  • cascade push (Uploads a file, directory or database snapshot)


-t type (required) asset, db
-h hostname (optional) hostname (
-u username (optional) username
-p projectId (required) project_id
-e environment (required/optional) defaults to first environment
-g assetGroup (required/optional) defaults to first asset or db group
-f file file to upload or download
-d database name of database
-i import (optional) import db snapshot
-z uncompress (optional) uncompress uploaded directory