Failed Deployments

The following are potential errors that may be encountered on a failed deployment.

Failed Code Merge

When a user initiates a code merge, it is possible that the task will fail for a variety of reasons. Below are errors from failed code merges with potential steps for troubleshooting.

Caught Rest Client Exception attempting to execute task CODE_MERGE

This error can be caused by a variety of potential issues within GitLab. Below is a list of things that can be reviewed in GitLab to identify the potential cause for the failure.

  • Source branch behind target branch - Navigate to GitLab and review the pending merge request in the project. If the source branch has changes and the target branch is ahead of the source branch, the merge will fail because a rebase in required. Click the rebase button and the initiate a new merge in Cascade.
  • Network issue occurs - On a rare occasion there may be a network issue between Cascade and GitLab. In this situation the merge may take longer than expected to complete which will cause the task to fail in Cascade. Navigate to the GitLab project and check if there is a pending merge request. If there is a pending merge request, initiate a new merge within Cascade. Since the merge request already exists, it is likely that the merge task in Cascade will complete as expected.

Could not generate a git tag for git repository with id [#]

This error occurs when the GitLab repository for the Cascade project cannot be accessed.

  • GitLab is unavailable - Confirm that your GitLab instance is up and accessible. If it is not, open a ticket with support to bring your instance back online.
  • Project is archived - Navigate to the GitLab project. If the project is archived then GitLab will have a message that says “Archived project! Repository and other project resources are read-only”. The project will need to be unarchived for Cascade to access the repository.